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Kvål Stone Picker

Delprodukt's self-developed stone picker has been in production since 1978. With over 600 units delivered, the Kvål Stone Picker has proven to be robust and very effective at picking stones ranging from the very small to the size of a football.

The Model 145 has a feed width of 145 cm, which is well suited for picking rows. The ‘Kvål picker’ is a one-man operation. The stone drawer holds 3000 kg, which gives the machine great capacity, depending on the density of the stone. The machine comes with friction clutch, which must always be used during picking. The machine is mounted on the lift bar and can be adjusted to the desired depth. Max. depth about 15 cm.

Technical data:

Working width 145 cm
Working width 28 cm
Tipping height 165 cm
Tray opening 3,5 cm
Drawer capacity 3000 kg
Weight of machine 1300 kg
Working depth 0-15 cm
Wheel size 400 x 15,5 


Timber Claw

Delprodukt’s self-developed timber claw is incredibly robust, and very a efficient timber and silo claw. We have sold over 1,000 units in the past 20 years. The product has proven to be powerful and steady when loading and lumbering; as well as fast and efficient loading of silage bales, straw bales and the moving large stones. 

Technical data:

Gap-opening  1050mm
Cylinder 2-way 610mm
Hoses 2 pcs w / quick k. 3/8 " 1500mm
Weight  110 kg
Width from 680-900mm
Upper claw standard width  280mm
Capacity  about 1m3


* Standard for ÅLØ - TRIMA and EURO front loaders

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